The Classic Black Daniel Wellington Watch. Talking about classy.

There are lot of cool watches out there with so many styles you can pick. And For me, watch is so personal. That is why i believe that watch reflects your character. It communicates a personal sense of style perhaps more accurate than a pair of well made shoes or an expensive bag you wear. It exudes your character, the way you behave, the way you see the world from your perspective, the way you want people to see you.

So about two weeks ago i got  a watch by Daniel Wellington. One brand that is popular amid many of instagram users. I even heard that Daniel Wellington watch is one of those instagrammer must have item. And ever since i dreamt to have one in a brown or black leather strap and my wish has finally came true.

It shipped in a bubble wrap covered by a plastic wrapper. Not fancy though. But after you tear it off you’ll find a nice black matte box. Very simple as if it tells you that less is always more.


I got the brand new series of Classic Black Daniel Wellington. It comes in shining black strap giving masculine look, and alluring gold colored frame. Looks expensive and feels lavish on your arm. As expected about being classic, it enhances your appearance without too much efforts. It is suitable for you who want to give a professional yet casual looks character. You can wear it for a casual event and it even more apt for a formal event. Combined it with your formal suit and you are ready to go to a coctail party.



Before i post some more pictures that will show you how gorgeous this watch is. I just want to inform that you can get a 15 PERCENT DISCOUNT by input the code: dwifan during the payment process on their website. Just go to !


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