Coffee shop di bandung :Two Cents

Last weekend was my third visit to this coffeeshop. I don’t know why i am unconsciously attached to this coffeeshop named Two Cents, because everytime i come to bandung, i always come to this place.

One of two cents side.

Two Cents located in Jl. Cimanuk along with many cafes and restaurants. If you are looking for the hype street then Cimanuk should be on the list as it filled by smattering unique and fancy coffeeshops and cafes. Two Cents can be extremely packed with coffee lovers. The coffee is higly regarged, so does the food. I’ve tried their chips, fries, and pasta, nothing come as a dissapoinment.

favorite chips!

When one looks for great coffee, they offer you with many selections to choose. From the espresso base to the non caffeine ones. From the single origins, to the lattes art, you name it. I have tried their cafe latte and taro latte. Both were good and met my expectation of how coffee should be made.

Taro Latte

Two cents provides you both smoking and non smoking area. There are two smoking areas, one in the front the other is located at the backyard near mushola. Yes, they have a quite clean and proper mushola. The toilet at my visit time was super clean. I have the urge to judge a coffee shop and restaurant cleanliness by its toilet. So theirs passed my test.
Although there are many coffee shops, believe me that only a few can meet your expectation of good coffee and comfortable space. And Two Cents is one of the place i can recommend.

No models were harmed in the procces of writing this post. LoL.


Two Cents Coffee

Jl. Cimanuk no. 2 bandung

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