The Sunset Guy and The New Year’s Eve

There was a guy who wanted watching the last sunset in 2015 over the beach. But unfortunately, Jakarta city is all he got.

Is there anything more beautiful than an orange sunset? Sunrise, perhaps? I don’t think so. I always fall for the sunset. Watching it calmly set off from the horizon.

I hate it when it’s raining in the afternoon. I always ask the sky, “Where is my sunset? Why do you bring the dark cloud instead?” but it doesn’t change anything, never.

So I hope, the last day of 2015 would be a clear sky with a little cloud and an orange sunset. And then I arranged a meet up on the rooftop of my office. I invited my friends, bought a little fireworks, charged my camera and set up the mood for a good things.

Everyone’s on the roof right at 5.30 pm. We brought everything we’ve prepared to the highest level of our office building. The sun was still high enough to be captured. It wouldn’t looking good on the camera as the light was too strong for it. So me and my friends were having a silly conversation and avoiding abstruse topic until we noticed that the orange color is getting stronger and bolder. We stopped talking and captivated by the beauty of the sunset. Took many pictures of it, lighted up the fireworks, and wishing that 2016 will be filled by so many great things.

As a sunset guy. I felt satisfied and I think I’ve fallen in love (again and many times) with the sunset.

If you are curious of how mesmerizing the sunset was. I posted some pictures below.

Sunset 20160110181954 sunset sunset 20160110182134 20160110182141 20160110182152 sunset


“There's a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they're absolutely free. Don't miss so many of them.”- Joe Walton

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