Lunch in Sanur? Try Soul in A Bowl !

Soul in a bowl is quite a new café around sanur and serves an already famous great Eggs Benedict . This place isn’t always full house but everytime I come, Soul in A bowl never looked empty.

Although they are famous for their Eggs Benedict, I never ordered any eventhough i came here twice already. I came here to find my own favorite. So I chose a pasta and a grilled tofu with cheese on the top of it. I can’t recall what kind of spaghetti I did order because I was there on months ago.

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The pasta was al dente, with creamy texture served in a bland looking. Oh one more thing, ‘flat’ flavor. My asian tongue couldn’t help to asked the waiter to give some ketchup or pepper to make the taste a lil bit colorful.

Soul in A bowl

When the Tofu came on the table, it has a gorgeous looks! Served in a big white plate that make the presentation felt so clean. The Tofu is garnished with an edible vegetable and almost covered the tofu itself. I liked this one better than the pasta that offered me nothing special.

soul in a bowl food

This place is actually very nice and has a warm ambience with the staffs that always smiling when they are speaking to you. Also this place designed in an instagramable interior if that what’s matter.

Soul in a bowl has many postive feedbacks. I might not liked the pasta but sure there are many food you can choose on the menu list. And make sure it’s your favorite ! After all, Soul in a bowl is recommended!


Ifan’O’Meter :

Cleanliness     : 9/10

Interior            : 8/10

Location          : 8/10

Food                 : 7/10

Delici’O’Meter :

Pasta               : 7/10

Tofu                : 9/10


How To get there :

This place is near the already-closed-Grand Hyatt Hotel and Resort Sanur Bali. Soul in Bowl located in the corner of an intersection. Drive slowly to make sure you won’t miss it out.


Jalan Danau Tamblingan nomor 180 Denpasar Selatan, bali.

Contact: +62 812-3631-9600

Operating hours: 8 am to 11 pm

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