Tanamera Coffee

“Do you love coffee? “

“I do.”

Not, it’s not a marriage proposal. It’s more of a statement to me, to show that i love coffee so much. That’s why i often search new coffee shops around Jakarta. Maybe, for some people every coffee tastes same even though it’s not. Well, as you know that coffee has many different acidity that makes your cup may tastes different compared to mine.

I entrapped by the idea that if I don’t drink one cup of coffee in the morning, I couldn’t take the rest of my day.

On this blogpost, I will review one of the most hype coffeeshop in town, Tanamera Coffee.

I started following their instagram when i stumbled upon @inijie‘s account and saw his reccomendation about Tanamera Coffeeshop, and down the rabbit hole, I went. I guess I’ve spent a lot of my time stalking Tanamera’s instagram account, i’m mesmerized by their photos and couldn’t bear to give many loves. Each photo has a story even if it’s just a pict of a half eaten banana cake, they captured it beatifully and seductively. I went there one time and got lost. Maybe i didn’t get the right their location explanation because I ended up at one mall and got trapped because it was raining outside right after I parked my motorbike, how ironic. That moment, I gave up and went to a burger king store so I can fill my starving tummy, haha!

having a good chit-chat with endah

The second time I went there, I made an appointment with my friend @endahs, because I think it would be perfect to sip a cup of coffee while having good talks. I came earlier because it started to rain. I have to wait for @endahs a lil bit too long because she got lost too so i ordered a red velvet coffee. It has a nice purple color and a sweet taste. I dont know how they made it but this coffee looks gorgeous. They also provides you many interesting magazines such as kinfolk, good point. No wonder this place is always full house.

Red Velvet Latte. Looking good right?
Red Velvet Latte. Looking good right?


When endah arrived, she ordered a latte. And there she got her latte and a flirty greetings from the baristas. They were hilarious and kind. I actually love their presentation with nice shirt or t-shirt paired with cool trousers. It makes them friendly-looking. Endah also ordered an apple crumble that has so-so taste while i was having my Banana Caramel Cake, and i have to say that was the best Banana Caramel Cake i ever tasted in my mouth. So delicate and melted perfectly in the mouth.

Apple Crumble and Coffee Latte
Apple Crumble and Coffee Latte

Next is interior. Beside the coffee, i think it’s important for a coffeeshop owner to give the consumer a comfortable ambience. People nowadays love to spend most of their time sitting in the coffeeshop and bring their work on their laptops. And i have to say i feel comfortable at tanamera’s tiny place. They dont have a big space but it felt comfortable to sit on the chair for long time.

Inside tanamera
Inside tanamera
the baristas
the baristas

If you love to spend the whole day in a coffeeshop to read, work, or anything, this place is recommended.


Red velvet latte : 4/5

Apple Crumble : 3/5

Banana Caramel Cake : 4/5

Tanamera Coffee Roastery
Thamrin City Office Park AA07
Jakarta Pusat
Opening Hours: 7AM – 6PM
021 – 2962 5599

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