L’osteria: an italian restaurant.

I was invited to  a food tasting at L’osteria, an Italian Restaurant, last Wednesday. As a true epicurean I cant miss it.  So I drove to the address, 121 Ciranjang Street. I’ve heard a lot about their delicious pizza selection and cant wait to taste one.

The restaurant is quite big with a warm ambience. Lit by lamps, seems like a cozy place to spend the time with your friends or your lover. To me they picked a safe choice for table decorations. Everything looks so common, but I still can say it’s a nice place.

The restaurant has an open kitchen area. People can see how their food are being processed. We can see how they treat our food before it gets into our mouth. You can check how they clean and wash your fresh tomato of pizza formaggi.

garnish for spaghetti
garnish for spaghetti
this pizza is so lovely
this pizza is so lovely
Spaghetti Tuna Aglio Olio.
Spaghetti Tuna Aglio Olio.

 This time I’ve been given the chance to make the food. But we weren’t allowed to serve the guest so when the food has done we would have to eat it. My food was surprisingly tasty! Me and my friends made mista di pesce con patete. Three protein sources (shrimp, dori fish, and salmon) cooked by the lobster sauce reduction on a hot pan and added with couple shots of white wine and cream, add some salt and pepper. We stirred it up until it’s reduced. Plate it and garnish it, Sir, your food is ready.

The pizzas sure are their specialties, especially, because they bake theirs on a wood-burning oven. Maybe it is the secret? Who knows?

Anyway, this place is one of a perfect place to spend a Saturday Night with a delicious, delicate pizza 🙂

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